Working in the real and imagined spaces of college education

Last week I attended the BERA ‘Transitions’ Event and found something surprising which I had hoped for but hadn’t expected – here were presenters who genuinely challenged and who shared ideas and thoughts which weren’t always comfortable but did push thinking forwards. I’ll dwell on one session – the ‘creative futures’ parallel session – but the whole day was genuinely… Read more →

Sharing notes on the ESLTIS18 conference

I was lucky enough to present HCA’s re-fabricate project at Bristol University last week as part of  the Enhancing student learning through innovative scholarship conference. I’m pleased to say that I learned a great deal at the conference, with presentations from a wide range of disciplines and institutions. Plus, the conference trialled a new ‘snapshot’ format; five minute talks followed by… Read more →

Opportunities in the space where digital meets analogue

Huge thanks to Maren and Tom from the Association of Learning Technology (ALT) whose visit to HCA on Wednesday to offers us an exciting opportunity to design some analogue artefacts for their Learning Technologist of the Year awards 2018. What is ALT? ALT is a hugely diverse and very inclusive organisation. It has an international membership whose interests and activities are wide-ranging. This… Read more →

AoC HE Research and Scholarship Conference 2018

Last Tuesday was the fourth AoC HE Research and Scholarship conference, and it was hugely interesting to see how far the college HE sector has moved in terms of research and scholarship during the three years of The Scholarship Project.  I took three main messages from the conference experience proper – one is simply an observation on the increasing interest and breadth of… Read more →

Creative space, reflective place: #OER18

So, my first (I really hope not my last) experience of OER18. To give some context, this is a conference which seems both transdisciplinary and trans-sector; industry specialist researchers together with an international cohort of academics from a wide range of disciplines – many learning technologists but also scientists, musicians, e-storytellers, archaeologists, PhD students, educators, researchers, musicians…all drawn together by… Read more →

Sustainability and design @re_fabricate

It was great to have Victoria back with us for Tuesday’s re_fabricate session, and even better that we could welcome Ferel, Nick, Ruth & L5 Graphics students to deliver a range of passionate and practical perspectives around the theme of sustainability. Here’s Ruth setting up her table of foraged objects – transporting her studio to A17 was an amazing transformation… Read more →

Storytelling; Images, objects, words

  Huge thanks to all participants in our second re_fabricate session yesterday (and particularly to Joe Kerr, Gabrielle Stevenson and Libby Vale, our co-presenters) This was an exciting session, which included walking out into Hereford, creating our ideal transdisciplinary studios, learning about De Certeau’s narrative theory, engaging in some active note-taking to draw theory and practice together, hearing the critical… Read more →

Co-designed, collaborative scholarship

  Yesterday afternoon we held our first re_fabricate session here at HCA (in a photography studio that worked as a physical space that was neither a lecture theatre, nor a workshop. It was the perfect space to try something new, with a group of people who hadn’t all met before, and a core planning team that included staff, students, alumni… Read more →

Creative tea; naming re_fabricate

It begins… Two weeks ago we held a ‘Creative tea’ session to get an idea of what people might want to get out of (and name) a new kind of teaching and learning space we are piloting at HCA. Thanks to all who participated and shared their ideas. Victoria Powell, (Critical Studies Lecturer at Hereford College of Arts) and Sarah… Read more →

Creative Lunch: Herefordshire Narratives

This January we held a further ‘creative lunch’ – an inspiring day of intercrossing narratives, stories, and ideas. Particular thanks must go to Lucy Jones and Rebecca Finney for bringing their ideas around landscape into our college community and, in Rebecca’s case, for sparking the whole thing off during a conversation in December around rural activism and the political nature… Read more →