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Note – The Scholarship Project has now finished, and its legacy is The Scholarship Framework.


I (Sarah) continue to use this space to blog, but it’s a re-appropriated space which will reflect my own interests and be purposed accordingly. I will maintain the Scholarship Blog on the Hereford College of Arts journals site. The information below is for reference around the project only:


The Scholarship Project was a national project which aimed to:

“support the development and embedding of a distinct college higher education scholarly ethos across the sector” (AoC website, 2015)

Hereford College of Arts was one of fifteen colleges involved in the second phase of the project, working with Gloucestershire College (Gloscol) and South Gloucestershire and Stroud College.

The project was funded by the HEFCE Catalyst Fund and supported by the NUS, QAA, and the HEA.

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