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Continuing the conversation: remembering the work of John Berger

3 minute read Last month, the great critic, artist and writer John Berger died. Renowned for his Marxist ideologies, he was a public intellectual who we will miss hugely for his writing and radical, unafraid wisdoms that have challenged, provoked and inspired us. Rather than dwell on the many memorials and obituaries, we wanted, at Hereford College of Arts, to… Read more →

Scholarship and teaching excellence in College-based Higher education

4 1/2 minute read   “The learning environment is enriched by student exposure to and involvement in provision at the forefront of scholarship, research and professional practice.” (TEF assessment criteria LE2)   It would be easy to interpret this assessment criteria as a reference to Boyer’s ‘Scholarship of Knowledge’ and for more vocational college-based HE providers to rely on their… Read more →

Dissertation conference 2016

What does student scholarship look like within the traditional academic model?   The annual dissertation conference is Hereford College of Art’s annual opportunity to recognise the scholarly activities and outstanding academic achievements of students but also to support students about to embark on the transformative learning experience that is Level 6 study.   This is a  journey, as learners progress… Read more →

Partnership learning communities in an arts college context

In ‘Partnership Learning Communities:  A guide for college-based Higher Education’  Eaton (2016) puts forward the idea of a ‘fuzzy interface’ where exciting pedagogic practice can begin. Of course, the difficulty here is defining what constitutes a fuzzy interface, particularly within an arts-based context where the traditional notion of the ‘employer’ might be at variance from other technical disciplines. Considering the… Read more →

Debating the language of the Visual Arts

This was our fourth #cclasses session, and we discussed Steph’s question regarding the language of the visual arts and academia and whether it creates a barrier between the artist and their audience?   This is a complex issue, but thankfully Steph made cakes to help us.   In our curated content we broke the question down and examined what we… Read more →

Dissertation preparation – or a tea dance?

Huge thanks to Simon Denison for writing this guest blog post. It’s great to see how our students prepare for the dissertation in such an enagaged way, and if we have a Critical Studies tea dance next year I hope I’m invited. Second year students continued their process of identifying potential Dissertation research subjects for next year that would support… Read more →

Connected class 2

Before I write up our second ‘Connected Class’ session I want to thank Kim (Ceramic artist) and Carla (Photographer) for their insightful reflections regarding session 1. You can read Kim’s reflection here, and Carla’s here. Last week’s ‘Connected Class’ looked at ideas of augmented reality. Our ‘big question’ considered how we might use this within our studio work and whether… Read more →