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Thanks to Phil and Nick for meeting with me this morning to discuss how we safely develop, resource and use our Research Space.

I really appreciate their help and the help of those who ploughed through the SurveyMonkey survey during assessment week. The Room Manifesto is based on your feedback so far, and I’ll be looking at how we can support other identified needs after the Easter break, including the need to resource a similar space at Folly Lane.

The agreed Room Manifesto is above.  I will act as room curator, look after the room and do my best to make sure it is a welcoming, safe, reflective and creative space:

The space will be a bookable research and discussion room open to everyone. To support this, bookings will be made on a weekly basis. I will post a timetable every Monday on the easel outside the room and those who want to book can write their names and groups on the timetable. Simple. Old-tech, and hopefully effective.
Guidelines for using the space are:

  • book weekly on the timetable outside the room
  • please leave the space tidy
  • Take what you need, and if you want to give back, the room will occasionally post a ‘wish list’ of things it needs
  • If you want a research partner, project or support with a project post on the ‘wish list’ too

 Please use the space. I will book it sometimes, but I won’t be living there – I have perfectly serviceable office space elsewhere. I will, however, be sourcing some vintage sideboards and a few standard lamps to make it interesting and comfortable.

Watch this space.


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