Final Framework draft resource

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This resource supports all stakeholders concerned with developing scholarly communities by suggesting ways in which spaces to support scholarship can be encouraged and developed within the organisation, and signposting to the kinds of activities such spaces support. The resource could be used by CHE managers to develop scholarly spaces, CHE curriculum leaders to consider where such spaces might fit within the curriculum, and CHE educators to support their individual scholarly practice.

This resource consists of a:

It is suggested that CHE managers or teachers use the resources in the way outlined below.

  1. Read the resource paper to see if the resource might be valuable to their work
  2. Complete the self-assessment tool to support determining their own centre’s use of scholarly spaces.
  3. Use the map (below) to highlight where they might develop their network of scholarly spaces to ensure it works across all quadrants.


Use the hyperlinks in the map to find out a little more detail or to suggest ideas for scholarly spaces


To listen to a short audio ‘how-to’, please click below: