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Illustration: feedback and cake

On Thursday, I was lucky enough to be invited into the  illustration studios to see ‘feedback with cake’. This might sound informal, but the reality was a room full of L5 and L4 students peer reviewing each others’ work in a positive and engaged atmosphere.

First, some examples of L4 work, and a couple of snapshots of students engaged in peer review:


Apologies for the poor sound quality on the video below, but it does give an idea of how work can be celebrated following peer and tutor review:


‘Feedback and cake’ starts with feedback and ends with a celebration event. Learners peer assess in their groups, encouraged by critical questioning techniques from their tutors. Then Aine and Marion brought L5 and L4 learners together for a collaborative peer review session which allowed L5 learners to comment closely on L4 work and supported L4 learners in identifying where they could progress to in terms of concept and technique.

The atmosphere in the studios was lovely – relaxed but engaged, and the quality of the work presented was testament to the reflective and genuine approach fostered by collaboration. Huge thanks to Neil and his team for inviting me in to the studios. For more information, watch this space for a Case Study.



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