Student Scholarship Meeting

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Huge thanks to students who met with me this lunchtime to eat biscuits and discuss ‘The Scholarship Project’. We considered ways we might develop research and scholarship within HCA.


Some amazing ideas were discussed as part of the meeting. Snapshots of our workshopping can be seen below, and you can see my draft write-up of the Student scholarship workshop responses by clicking on the link.

Thanks to Laurence, Sophie, Elaine, Libby, Yvette, Sarah, Susan, Kim, Leszek, Eli, Jack, Bethan, Max, Andrew, Stephanie, Nuala, Amy and Sarah. This is an exciting project, and I’m very pleased to be working with you.

Further students will be brought into this process as we move forward; perhaps, as discussed today, by holding an ‘unconference’.

Unconference: an unconference is a less-formal conference. It works to a particular pattern:

  • A theme is set for the morning/ day’s activities in advance of the unconference
  • People who want to participate turn up on the day – no-one is turned away
  • For the first half-hour, everyone sits in a circle and speed-discusses what they’d like to talk about.
  • A facilitator sets a timetable for the day
  • Off everyone goes to their various rooms to discuss, create ideas and enjoy themselves!

More information can be found here, here and here.

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