Staff Research Profiles

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Aine Venables

Aine’s current research interest focusses on the relationship between empathy and learning. She will be working with L5 student co-researchers to mutually examine the meaning and value of empathy within creative practice and beyond.

Mark Woods

Mark’s research interests work towards developing multi-modal assessment strategies that transform the tutor feedback process. His current project compares feedback experiences for Level 6 illustrators.

Fenella Lloyd

Fenella’s current research interests consider the use of neurodiverse learning strategies to support all learners with their academic practice. She is currently working with a group of students to gather initial data on how such strategies might support outcomes at L5.

Wendy Crum

Wendy’s research interests focus on specialist teaching methodologies and how such strategies support independent learning. Her current research project looks at dovetailing teaching with technology, and aims to develop learner confidence & outcomes.

Simon Denison

Simon’s research interests involve how a range of pedagogic methodologies can be used to support learner criticality and ‘deep’ learning. His current project examines how educators could use the VLE to support critical thinking skills at L5.

Clair Hodgson

Claire’s research interests build on her educational practice. Her current project looks at how student-led critical discussion can support learners’ reflective practice.

Mandy Pritchard

Mandy’s research explores how Art students place themselves and their work within the world in the context of authenticity and employability. Mandy wants to engage all learners in a project that provokes their own contemplation of where their practice might be situated (not just the physical space but within the thoughts and actions of their audience).

Sarah Crowson

Sarah’s research is concerned with the relationship between theory and practice, in particular, tacit knowledge and the role of educational  and creative practitioners in making the tacit explicit through multi-modal communication. She is interested in how this might contribute to the knowledge-making process within complex social networks. She is working on this alongside students, and is currently involved in ‘Connecting classes’, a national research project that uses social media to connect classrooms. This project feeds into Sarah’s constantly iterating action research projects that examine how the creation of less-formal learning spaces might support learner outcomes at L5 in CBHE.

Daniel Hawarth-Salter

Dan’s current research project concerns the use of digital technologies within the context of assessment for learning and curriculum design.  His research interests include an investigation of how digital materials can be used to enhance collaborative practice between learners and industry professionals within an innovative curriculum.

Gillian Hipp

Gillian’s research considers how movement analysis might support productivity and collaboration within a business environment

Xaviere Hughes

Xave’s research builds on her earlier work into developing collaborative learning spaces and considers the relationship between the learning environment and the abilities and confidence to risk take  for both staff and students.


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