Student reflections on Cclasses

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Thanks to Danielle Sowter, photography student at HCA for providing these reflections:

Reflection on the first class:

To start, I found that I have learnt so much on the course that I am on. I appreciate all the opportunities that I have been given and it has completely influence the person/photographer that I am today. To answer the question, “where is the bread and butter?”, I think it’s in the maker. The maker has not only got to produce too quality work, but it’s also down to them to keep making, keep motivated and to basically just put themselves out there. You won’t be successful if you’re not fully invested into being a creator. Also, it was fantastic that we came up with our own theory, it’s such a crazy thing to think about, considering it was all done in one morning!

Reflection on second class:

This session completely blew my mind. I couldn’t believe the technology I was seeing, it was like something from the future, or Back to the Future for example! I can see where this sort of technology could be incredibly helpful like in design work or surgical careers, you could be so much more accurate. But with all this kind of technology, it makes me wonder where reality ends and where technology begins. It also concerns me on the social aspect, as I think that it has made us less social to those around us. Would we eventually be living in a silenced world, only communicating through something else instead of our voices?