Student Research

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Last week, three Level 6 students (deep in the throes of their dissertations) met to critically discuss and engage with each others’ ideas. They arrived for tea at about 10.00, and didn’t leave until 12.15 (when I had to ask them to leave the office because I had a tutorial).

Although I deliberately didn’t participate in their discussion, I was extremely impressed with the breadth and depth of their research and their evident passion for their dissertation subjects. You can see Elaine, Stephanie and Megan mid-discussion below:



This kind of peer critical discussion can be invaluable in supporting critical thinking and deep understanding of ideas, as well as on a practical level of exchanging research ‘tips and techniques’ or lending books!

I’m pleased to say that Yvette Congreve, a Level 5 textiles student, has emailed with a request to set up a similar facilitated group, and we are just looking for a space where she can hold this.

Students identified as demonstrating outstanding scholarship and research in their Level 5 PIC work are meeting with me next week and we will discuss how we can showcase our amazing student scholarship at HCA. Ideas mentioned have been a thinkpiece on how we might create a relevant theoretical framework for crafts, the creation of a student journal so that we can publish articles and a programme of critical discussion groups. I’ll try to faciliate whatever ideas come forward during the meeting next week.