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HE Symposium Part 1: Jonathan Worth

This Wednesday (20th September) we held our 10th annual symposium at HE HCA. The symposium was started by a staff body of creative professional wanting professional development opportunities that weren’t ‘training’. Over the years it has grown, changed, moved spaces to a new campus and this year it shifted form again, moving from the traditional ‘stand and deliver’ format to… Read more →

Debating the language of the Visual Arts

This was our fourth #cclasses session, and we discussed Steph’s question regarding the language of the visual arts and academia and whether it creates a barrier between the artist and their audience?   This is a complex issue, but thankfully Steph made cakes to help us.   In our curated content we broke the question down and examined what we… Read more →

#CClasses at HCA

I’m really excited about a project we’re about to participate in at HCA. #CClasses is a collaborative venture– an ‘open’ initiative designed by Jonathan Worth, of Phonar and Phonar Nation. Jonathan has created a learning framework that uses social media as a tool to support (and open up) learning in less formal digital spaces. The format supports notetaking skills (important… Read more →

Research workshop and cake, anyone?

I’m sending out an open invitation to tea for all students enrolled on HE courses at HCA this week. Here’s the draft: The tea party has three aims: To see how students might want to use our lovely research space To invite students to work as project teams to realise some of the ideas from our earlier workshop To introduce the idea behind #CClasses, and… Read more →